What is the Franklin Area Citizens Association?

The Franklin Area Citizens Association is a voluntary assembly of citizens that reside in the Franklin Area of McLean, Virginia. Its purpose is to promote and presereve the general welfare, character and best interests of our community that consists of approximately 1400 families. (Press the map button at the left to see a map of the area.)

More than one humdred years ago, the Franklin Area Citizens Association was established to represent the interests of the residents of the Franklin Area. Membership is automatic to all residents and dues are voluntary. However, dues are encouraged to fund a number of community activities and special events.

Since its establishment in 1909, FACA, a voluntary non-profit organization has served to promote the preservation and protection of our environment, safe streets and to provide a forum to resolve community issues. FACA helps neighbors in a variety of ways such as planning and zoning, land use, community services and interacting with the county and state govrnment as well as our elected officials. FACA's projects are determined by its Board Members based on the needs of all neighbors.

The Association normally holds two general meetings annually, a business meeting in the spring and a social gathering in the fall. The annual meetings frequently include candidates for political office as well as Commonwealth and local officials. At the Spring Meeting a Board of Directors of approximately 15 members is elected for a one year term to manage Association business. The FACA Board is composed of vounteers and always welcomes new members. They meet on the second Thursday of even numbered months.

Additional information, including an Association Directory indexed by name and by street address (press the Directory button on the left). An excellent history of the Franklin Area is also provided (press the History Button on the left).